Tuesday May 26th, 2020



Greater Toronto Area new home and condo builders are open for “business”. (but not as usual)

Some builders tried “booked sales office presentations” at the beginning, it did not get far. Nowadays, most builders are inviting purchasers and realtors for virtual sales offices. Even few Plexiglas kiosk sales office attempts as well.

These attempts are unbelievably valuable to determine right way of reaching out.

We born every day to real estate market, beyond statistics, as realtors, we know huge piled numbers of purchasers that ready to trigger (hopefully mortgage rules does not stall) and concerned sellers. Our neighborhood builders are fully equipped to serve all.

In general, all parties believe Covid-19 is a temporary pause. Facts of pivoting Torontonians demand for homeownership pride is driving source of entire real estate sector.

Realnet and other real estate statistics are very hopeful for new condos, townhouses.

As I emphasized in my previous article, new type of ownership and more of triplex, 6-plexes, midrise, etc… to appeal affordable purchasing power.

Unless, Canadian immigration numbers, foreigner students’ numbers, millennials disappear, evaporate somewhere we do not know.

Greater Toronto Area real estate market will bounce back.

There are many types of investments; stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, retirement, real estate etc… Among all, Real Estate is three years or more long-term investment. Also, it is an investment that we can make use of it and have it as our nest to #stayhome and #safe.

Seyfi TomaR

May 4, 2020

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