Tuesday May 26th, 2020



Social media caused enormous loneliness issue in society in last 20 years. Now, 2020 Covid19 revolution will bring us back to socialize more.


It is all about triggering a new idea to blow away old system. New normal, new terminologies are getting formed in 2 aspects: changes and new startups.








Every day, hundreds of millions of people step outside into a city environment to move in or employment opportunities.


We have to entertain restructuring city life avoid contagious pandemic illnesses and loneliness.


Each segment of the construction has to be seriously studied.


·     Face recognition to open all doors


·     HVAR, HVAC, A/C systems to be reshaped. HVAR filter system to better than N95 quality or better. HVAC & A/C intake and blow mechanism to be re-visited. Specially in 2, 3 unit houses, heating system allowing every occupants to breath same air.


·     UV-C light bulb to be improved and a laser thin similar light to layered over hardwood, tile flooring at the bottom of baseboard to kill lowered viruses.


·     Smart Toilets to be mandatory to go beyond “early diagnosis”. This system will bypass many family doctor processes. That will help health system for preventive health, less family doctors needed but more specialists in the system.


·     Exterior finishing: despite brick and siding, stucco (EIFS) give us more opportunities to add needed chemicals to application and use stucco joints, drainage systems disinfection solutions.


·     Door/window handles to be self-cleaning by adding a mechanism in the board of the door or profile.


·     Sprinkles system might be a good solution for all new construction by adding auxiliary line of disinfection solution to be used in case needed.


·     Just like “smart toilets”, common areas such as, elevators, gym, wc, children play grounds, etc… smart phone or ATM card (or face recognition) to be used to access all to recognize individual to forward diagnosis to data base center.


·     Those are only few segment of the construction but every sector has to be deliberately studied and adopt changes.






We have freehold and condominium accommodation.


Existing lane-way, secondary, third units are under one freehold ownership. It is obvious Toronto prices will go up lot more and affordability gab is not going to close anytime soon.


Therefore, we have no choice but create new type of accommodation beyond we know. For instance 2, 3, 4 unit detached home ownership to be dividable (not condo, but a new formula) ownership.


We have to study animals communal era accommodation to animal accommodation types. Something might trigger a new structure.


Forest Hotel/Housing:


In suburban area or in the river, forest area of the city, (without changing the texture of the nature), municipal government or hotels to built small office/management reception area and many other types of dwelling (as permitted by nature). The new hotels or municipal housing does away with receptions, restaurants and various rooms in favor of authentic, immersive living. Those are:


·     Igloo


·     Mud house


·     Pods


·     Tiny house


·     Tree house


·     Eco house


·     Vehicle house


·     Earthship


·     Urban roof top


Most of these are off grid structures where no electricity or gas needed.




We do not have much variety of mortgage structure. This item to be analyzed by financial advisers.


Seyfi Tomar


May 2nd, 2020



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